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Situated in the southwest of France, the European Surf hotspot, the Villa provides ideal conditions for individuals to learn or enhance their surfing skills while reveling in the natural beauty of the Atlantic coast.
The beach, featuring waves suitable for all skill levels, is a mere five-minute walk away from the Villa.
Vieux Boucau boasts numerous local restaurants, shops, and cafes, conveniently located within a short walking distance from the accommodation.
The surf camp is in proximity to bike trails, mini-golf facilities, and tennis courts.


Various room options cater to different preferences, accommodating solo travelers, couples, families, or groups. Prospective guests can explore the diverse room offerings here to select the one that best suits their needs.


They offer DAILY YOGA PRACTICEs on the beach or on the forest to help you to improve your flexibility and strength.


As enthusiasts of fine cuisine, Longwave places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality food experiences. Our culinary philosophy revolves around the use of fresh, local ingredients, offering a diverse range of meals inspired by the Mediterranean diet.

For breakfast, we present a lavish buffet with a plethora of options. Whether you prefer traditional muesli with yogurt, scrambled eggs, or fresh-baked croissants, there's always a delightful choice to suit everyone.

Dinner at Longwave features international dishes, carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance after a day of surfing. The kitchen operates six nights a week, reserving one night for guests to explore local restaurants or for  special picnic nights*.


Heading south from Hossegor, the coast transforms, becoming more undulating without compromising wave quality. This shift unveils a variety of waves, featuring different shapes, reef breaks, and point breaks. In short, the waves down south are nothing short of amazing. Continuing southward leads to the Spanish Basque Country, merely an hour's drive from Vieux Boucau to the Spanish border.

Heading north from Vieux Boucau, the coastline stretches directly towards Bordeaux, revealing isolated smaller villages along the way. The prospect of discovering the perfect surf spot for individual preferences is high throughout the region. Due to the dependence on ideal tides and sandbanks, the search becomes an exhilarating adventure. This is precisely why surfers worldwide hold France in high regard.



3/2 in summer and 3/4 in spring / fall

Kids are Welcome


Medium to High

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